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No Gracis [Project Proposal]

Proposal by Anna Sayer, April 2007.

No Gracias! is an upcoming monthly street magazine, which is due for release in Cartagena, Colombia in July, 2007. The non-profit magazine is a project initiated alongside local NGO Cartagenitos (www.volunteercolombia.org ), and is intended to be sold exclusively on the streets of Cartagena by its homeless, displaced, and long-term unemployed population.

Goals and Objectives
49% of Cartagena's population are currently living below the povery line, and unemployment holds a rate of 11%. The primary objective for No Gracias! is to create opportunites for people truly in need, through sustainable employment and a legitimate wage. It further hopes to assist in the development of lifelong skills within its employees, including a sense of responsibility through achievement, and a feeling of purpose through interaction within their community. The secondary goal for No Gracias! is to raise awareness and create ongoing support for local businesses and tourist destinations. Cartagena is fast becoming a hotspot for both local and international travellers, offering them local culture through art, cuisine, music, film, festivals, and architecture. No Gracias! aims to capture and expose the excitement of the city and its surrounds, and offer a means to promote its local business and heighten its tourist infrastructure.

Cartagena's local and international tourist crowd.

Currently, there exists no formal or accurate guide detailing the cities sights, events, activities and nightlife. No Gracias! will offer a monthly detailed account - through reviews, articles and interviews - encompassing all the above. Coupled with pieces of travel writing and fiction, the magazine will provide usefull information and enjoyable reading for its audience. As this is a non-profit magazine, all content will be sourced from local writers and journalists through donation. The following outline is a summary of the monthly magazine structure: 
Introduction: Welcome, and thankyou. (A monthly overview and update of the project and its effectiveness.) 
Vendor profile: Profile and story of a vendor. 
Introducing...: Interview and profile of a local individual, who is undertaking to somehow benefit the community of Cartagena. 
A Man and His Bike: A monthly piece by Josh Forde - a New Zealander travelling from San Fransisco to Rio De Janeiro by motorbike. 
My Life: An interview and description of life in Cartagena with a local / family / couple. 
My Institution: An interview with a local bar OR restaurant owner, who is well known within the Cartagenian community. 
Arts: A story / interview, detailing / reviewing a local artist OR photographer OR exhibition OR gallery. 
Culture: A review on a recent film OR theatre production OR Interview with cast and crew. Good Food Guide Review of 2 local restaurants - Splurge v's Save. Drink: Review of local bar OR nightclub. Out & About: Photograph page of locals out & about in Cartagena (in clubs and bars). 
Gig Guide: A detailed account of all events and activities in Cartagena occuring during the month of issue. 
Travel Diary: An article detailing one of Cartagena's tourist destinations. 
Fast Fiction: A small creative writing piece of fiction. 
The Old Days: An article detailing a piece of history related to Cartagena.

30 page, A5, black & white.

How does it work?
No Gracias! is aiming to cover all monthly production and promotion costs through regular sponsorship, paid advertising and donations of goods and services.

The sale price of the magazine is currently set at 1,000cp, ($0.50AU) with the hope of an increase to 2,000cp ($1.00AU) once sales become regular. Per magazine sold, vendors recieve 90% of sales profits (a total of 900cp - $0.45AU). The remaining 10% sales profits (100cp - $0.05AU) are used by the vendor to purchase an additional copy of the magazine from Cartagenitos, for subsequent sale. This 10% recieved by Cartagenitos will be immediately directed into the following months production costs. The ammount of profit made monthly by each vendor is purely reliant on how much effort is projected into their work. Obviously, the more magazines they sell, the greater the profit.

Indication of funds and resources required - What do we need to succeed?
Currently, we are seeking regular and ongoing sponsorship and donations in the way of goods and services, from local or international businesses and organisations. In order to proceed with the project, it is necessary to secure funding in the following areas: 
1) a) The donation of, or granting of access to a photocopier (including ink cartridges, excluding paper) for magazine production and promotional material. 
b) Or, monthly sponsorship from a printing company for magazine production - preferably pro-bono, with the secondary option of donating printing at cost price. 
2) The donation of, or granting of access to a printer for original magazine production and promotional material. 
3) The regular monthly donation of paper rheams (9 x 500 sheet rheams per month for the creation of 300 copies) for magazine production and promotional material. 
4) The donation of vendor uniforms (tshirts and hats only, as required for each new vendor.) Ideally, the once-off donation of any of the mentioned goods (photocopier, printer, paper and uniforms) is preferable, as it would allow No Gracias! to become self-sufficient. If the sourcing of monthly sponsorship was not required, a greater focus could therefore be directed towards enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the magazine, and its employees. The aquisition of monthly paid advertising space will further assist in meeting monthly production costs, but it is preferable that this does not become out sole means of funding. Any business or organisation who provides funding and sponsorship will subsequently recieve prime advertising space and thourough acknowledgement in the following issue of the magazine, and on any promotional material distributed.


16 April - 29 April 2007 
-Create project overview Design logo 
-Create website (www.freewebs.com/nogracias) 
-Write sponsorship and advertising proposal 
-Create advertising guidelines and invoice template 
-Source volunteers for: Donation of articles and creative writing 
-Sponsorship aquisition 
-Translation (English to Spanish) 
-Distribution of promotional material 
-Assisting with magazine production 
-Sourcing, briefing and assisting magazine vendors 
-Distribution of magazine to vendors 
-Create advertising and promotion for magazine 
-Create press release for media support

30 April - 6 May 2007 
-Source and finalise written content for issue #1 Apply for local sponsorship and donations through goods and services 
-Design magazine template

7 May - 20 May 
-Fill and secure all paid advertising positions Produce advertisements for approval by advertisers 
-Create vendor guidelines 
-Approach, secure and brief vendors 
-Create database of vendors in order to track individul sales

21 May - 29 May 
-Secure funding and sponsorship Purchase equipment and required resources

30 May - 6 June 
-Finalise design and content for issue #1 Produce 200 copies of issue #1 for sale

7 June - 30 June 
-Distribute magazine promotion Rebrief vendors and give 3 issues to each employee for initial sale

1 July - 31 July Begin sale of issue #1 
-Monitor vendors, and continually update vendor database 
-Begin entire process for the production of issue #2 (to be released on August 2007)