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Futbolistas: Part 2

We received a huge response to out initial 'Futbolistas' project which resulted in the donation of 40 pairs of football boots, 90 new soccer balls and 2 full sets of Umbro uniforms. We'd again like to thank Leichhardt Saints FC, but an even bigger 'gracias' goes to Australian footballer Johnny Klappas for his support in this project.

These contributions have made the kids of Club Marzola look as serious as they are about football. The new uniforms and boots were distributed amongst the kids just before they played a local derby against Milan FC. The team gathered outside the Marzola Family home and one by one they were fitted with their new outfits. 
When the players took to the field they looked and acted like any professional team, it really was a sight to see and the added interested meant that many of the locals came to check out the match. Despite their older and larger opponents, Marzola was just too quick and finished the game 2-1.


To give an idea of the ability of the individual players, four of the boys from Marzola are competing for places on the Bolivar state junior representative team. This team enters into an interstate competition and the winners go on to play in Argentina and Italy. We wish them the best of luck.